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By Mark Bell | October 20, 2013

If you’re a villain, you’d best steer clear of this kid’s bedroom. As Paul Constantakis’ short film Villainous shows, there are a number of disturbingly morbid, and yet creative, ways a villain can meet their death. From impaling to hanging to other devious means of punishment, it’s a bad scene for a bad guy.

But it sure is entertaining for us to watch, seeing familiar supervillains meet their match; you get the feeling that this is what Sid from Toy Story would’ve done, if he only punished the wicked. The only off note involves the ending, starring a particular hero, that I don’t wish to spoil here. Simply, that hero would not approve of what has been going on in this room, and I’ll debate that to my geek grave (unless said hero was somehow influenced in an evil way, in which case said hero might be the next victim).

It’s a simple scenario, a montage of carnage, and it’s done well in its three minutes. It’s the right length for this type of short, and it’s the right payoff (save my above criticism). It looks good, sounds good and leaves a lasting impression. If Robot Chicken ever wanted to get real dark, they should check Villainous out for one fun way to do it.

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