By Admin | March 25, 2008

What are all those boycotting “Star Wars” fans going to do when they realize that the film sucks in either cut? Because Weinstein isn’t trying to ruin the film, he’s trying to make it presentable. I saw an early cut and… “Fanboys” was awful. Unless they re-shot the whole f*****g thing with a different script, I can’t imagine folks are going to be digging it. My perfect version of the film had the cancer kid getting to see the “The Phantom Menace” early and having THAT be the reason he died…
Then again, it is about “Star Wars,” and them (I) fanboys (me) are pretty fanatical…

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  1. Nathaniel says:

    I think the film will go straight to DVD and end up collecting dust on the shelves. If people want to see a well made sci-fi film I would recommend Serenity, Metropolis or the original Solaris.

  2. Well, if the story and characters are engaging, I think that’d be a good reason, and to revisit the excitement before the realization that “Phantom Menace” was terrible. I think it’s unusual to boycott a movie you haven’t seen. It just makes no sense, and to boycott over something so stupid as this? I don’t see why they’d want to take out the cancer theme when it’s what will add a bittersweet theme to the flipping movie.

  3. Mark Bell says:

    I didn’t see much of a reason to see the film beyond geeks talking “Star Wars” geek-speak (which, being friends with Gore, is a daily given), but even THAT left me wanting.

    I just think “Fanboys” was awful, and ever since word got out that people were up in arms over the release I kept thinking, “Why? So not worth boycotting…”

    I mean, folk’s suck Hollywood off over “Norbit” and won’t make nary a protest, but threaten their idea of what a “Star Wars”-related movie might be like and they turn out in droves like they’re Cindy Sheehan at the Crawford ranch. Priorities, people!

  4. The whole premise is interesting, but also sadly misguided. The film will suffer some scrutiny because basically “Phantom Menace” was a humongous disappointment.

    And I still can’t understand what people want the cancer thing scrapped. Isn’t that the whole reason for going to see that f*****g movie?

    But either way, I’ll see it, if only to see Kristen Bell.

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