By Film Threat Staff | September 27, 2006

The boys behind Digg.com, Kevin Rose, Jay Adelson and David Prager, have launched an online television network called Revision3. The network produces and broadcasts successful shows such as Kevin Rose and Alex Albrecht’s Diggnation, Geekdrome, Ctrl + Alt + Chicken, Systm, InDigital, Infected and thebroken.

“Truly revolutionary Internet television isn’t about cutting and pasting television programming onto a computer,” said Jay Adelson, CEO of digg and Revision3. “It’s created by having your ear to the ground — knowing what the new generation of Internet consumers wants — and mastering the latest technology to deliver it. It’s a whole new model for the video broadcast industry.”

Revision3 shows are designed to be watched on everything from cell phones to computers to televisions. In addition to being available at www.revsion3.com, Revision3 shows are currently available with every TiVo box with a podcast feature, on Palm devices, and on web sites such as Apple iTunes, Google Video, YouTube, BitTorrent and DivX.

“We started developing Internet television shows because my friends and I couldn’t find anything on television that really spoke to us,” said Kevin Rose, founder of digg and Revision3. “We didn’t want slick, television programming. We wanted shows that were edgy, went beyond the surface, and delved into the topics we liked. The only way to do that was to produce the shows ourselves, without the restrictions and controls that are always imposed by corporate media companies. We wanted to cover tech, news, science comedy and music with on-air talent that was in touch with what was at the top of the underground. Revision3 does just that.”

So before you decide what to watch this Fall…

Check out the Fall line-up at Revision3>>>

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