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By Bob Westal | April 29, 2004

Ever find yourself working on some long project like a screenplay, a novel or a movie and realize that it’s just not working? At that point, most of us just keep slogging, hoping against hope that it’ll somehow turn into something worthwhile if we just work hard enough at it. What few of us are wise enough to consider is that maybe we’d be better off cutting our losses, showing the best moments to a few people and explaining what we were trying to do. Then we could simply move on to the next, hopefully better, project.
Aaron Bourget is, apparently, smarter than most us — because that’s exactly what he’s seems to have done with the beautifully wrought, black and white shot-on-black-video “Extra Credit.” It’s a movie that starts well, then stops and basically just tells us what Bourget’s film is about without actually forcing us to sit thorough it (or Bourget to complete it), then quickly fast-forwards to the credits and a brief description of a five year old with advanced cinematic tastes.
Thoughtful and far more complex than many a feature length indie opus, I’d be more than willing to see anything else Aaron Bourget may care to commit to film or video, even if it’s a whole 5 minutes long!

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