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By Doug Brunell | February 10, 2005

If you look at the writing credits you’ll see a hell of a lot of people listed. That should tell the more astute viewer that this film will be of an experimental nature … and it is. The central character holding it all together is an auto mechanic named Del (Robert Wray) who loves children’s books. Anything else you may get out of this is entirely up to you.

The catch behind this film is that the writers had no idea what their peers were writing. Then each chapter of the film is played in random order on the DVD, proving that the chaos theory can be applied to film just as easily as it is to science. As an experiment it works. As a cohesive story it fails, but it never attempted to be that anyway.

“Exquisite Corpse” is interesting to watch if only to see how well you can wrap your brain around the concept. As the press kit says, “The narrative outcome of (the film) is dependent on the order of the scenes for a particular audience’s viewing.” If that sounds too much like work or too “art damaged,” then steer clear. But if you want a pleasant challenge and something that’s not the norm, then this is a film well worth your time.

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