By Rory L. Aronsky | January 26, 2004

“We Todd Did” plays like dumped footage from “Office Space”. The camera roams in an office where a few people are working, and one is sniffing a yellow highlighter. He then turns to his co-worker whose behind him, hard at work, tap-tapping his keyboard, his glasses on a lanyard. He tries to bother him first by interlocking his hands tightly and then making it look like he’s choking himself. No go, so he then tries to slide his nose down the plate glass separating the two. Still nothing more than a glance and then back to work.
He tries some sort of balancing stunt, but nothing works. This guy could basically be a culmination of all the annoying co-workers that any of you readers might have come across, yet without all the tear-your-hair-out stupid babble that comes packaged with them. There’s not much here, though there is a genuine gross-out moment when the hard working guy’s glasses slip off the lanyard in the bathroom stall and drops right into the piss-filled toilet. Ew, indeed.

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