If a more boring documentary than “eXposed: The Making of a Legend” exists, it will hopefully not make its presence known. This exercise in monotony follows the making of “Buckleroos,” a softcore porn flick about a pair of gay rodeo cowboys who discover love thanks to a magical belt buckle and a mysterious man in black.

Whatever voyeuristic titillation could be aroused in watching people watching people make love for the camera is absent from this endeavor. The film feels more like a home movie than a genuine documentary, with the too-cheery cast and crew dropping campy bon mots for the camera while they go about their business preparing for and shooting ‘Buckleroos.” But even that project is weighed down in lethargy: at one point someone exclaims, “It’s been a long shoot and we’re only on the second day.”

For every glimpse of bare flesh, there is ten times as much footage of guys running an inventory on their grocery shopping, discussing the problems of heavy camera equipment on a damp lawn, or talking about the production of “Buckleroos” as if it was a project of artistic merit and depth – even Kubrick wasn’t as serious about making his classics as the pornographers of “eXposed” are in making their flyweight nonsense.

There is no reason to be clever or punny in putting “eXposed” down – this film stinks, plain and simple.

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