By Admin | December 9, 2002

A cross between Saturday morning cartoons and the late great blaxploitation films of the seventies, “Chocolate Thunder” is one badass piece of animation.
An eight-year old girl is missing and it’s up to super hero Chocolate Thunder to save her. Using his electrifying mojo, he whips the bad boys assess in true super hero fashion and saves the day… or so he thinks. Will he save the little one or is he just a stupid honky like most modern day super studs?
Taken from the cult comic book with the same name, this “Chocolate Thunder” is a little more on the lighter side than it’s origin. Where the comic is graphic in detail like those of the classic Spider-Man or Spawn, this “Chocolate Thunder” is simplicity at it’s finest. With lighter, brighter colors, this short takes on more of a roll of the shorts seen on ABC’s Saturday mornings in the seventies. You can definitely tell creators Jeremy and Robert Love have some “Lovin’” for the great blaxploitation flicks of yesteryear. Even the score by Jon Crisp lures us into the world where the great Richard Roundtree roamed the streets. To rap it up, “Chocolate Thunder” is one bad mother… you shut your mouth!

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