By Rory L. Aronsky | July 20, 2004

If you ever find yourself in some sort of alternate universe where elements of “Star Wars” are involved, make sure you check who’s in the elevator before you get into it. If you find yourself with C-3PO, you’ll be ok. You might even learn something valuable or be able to add some new words to your vocabulary. If it’s anyone from the Empire, keep quiet and don’t make any sudden moves. The same applies if you’re ever in an elevator with an Ewok, as this businessman finds out.

He seems like a guy who’s already got a lot on his mind. With briefcase in hand, there’s probably a business meeting awaiting him. Perhaps some kind of mergers and acquisitions deal, or some new contract to write out for a successful company who wishes to buy vacant space. After encountering this Ewok, there’s no doubt that he would have rather been doing these things or even taken the stairs. The furry creature is confused by his request for it to push the button for the sixth floor and then becomes more irate as the guy tries to communicate with him.

It’s an enjoyable effort and a good cautionary tale which shows that if you need the elevator and it opens and an Ewok is in it, make sure you understand Ewoks. If not, 29 floors up and hundreds of stairs should automatically become good exercise.

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