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The Hunted

By Alan Ng | November 16, 2021

Alberto Triana’s fan film, The Hunted, transports us into the world of the video game, The Last of Us (Part 2). Film films allow fans to honor the world of our favorite intellectual properties and give us a chance to experience what it’s like to live in that world…for better or worse.

Set in the world of The Last of Us, The Hunted is the story of Elle (Jackie Gerhardy), who is on the search for Abbey. The film opens with the brutal interrogation of Scar (Charlit Dae), and rather than give up information, Scar’s last breath is a warning.

With only a map of a small town as her only clue to find Abbey, Elle heads into town and single-handedly takes down a patrol of a half-dozen men. Unfortunately, her quick victory turns dark as Elle is confronted by undead creatures of The Last of Us.

“Elle heads into town and single-handedly takes down a patrol of a half-dozen men.”

Triana’s The Hunted is pure non-stop action. Jackie Gerhardy kicks more than her fair share of a*s as Elle. The fighting is primarily hand-to-hand combats involving knives, handguns, and fists. Fan film usually means one thing, it’s all DIY and low-budget action. The Hunted does a fantastic job looking like a mid-range budget action film. For the most part, the action looks incredible—which means brutal with wince-worthy moments. The creature makeup also looks good and never cheap.

Director Alberto Triana and crew did an amazing job creating the look and feel of The Last of Us with a story that moves. If you love the game or fan fiction general, The Hunted is a must-watch.

The Hunted (2021)

Directed and Written: Alberto Triana

Starring: Jackie Gerhardy, Charlit Dae, etc.

Movie score: 7/10

The Hunted Image

"…Triana and crew did an amazing job..."

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