Exhumed Films, an indie film co-op dedicated to the best in classic and cult film, and the screening of their favorites on the big screen, is proud to present all three of the immortal “Evil Dead” movies on [ Friday, November 17th ] at [ 10 PM ] , though doors will open at 9:30 to let the fanboys and girls in. The fun begins with Sam Raimi’s 1979 offering “Evil Dead,” and keeps rolling with “Evil Dead 2,” before closing up with “Army of Darkness”. “Groovy.” All film prints are in stunning 35mm, as opposed to 16mm, which makes this screening a rare event. And of course, they’re all pure Bruce Campbell.
Tickets are [ $12 ] and are strictly first-come, first-serve…no advance sales. For more on the Exhumed show, go to [ the official Exhumed Films website. ]

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