By Admin | February 28, 2012

Believe it or not, it’s not everyday that we here at Film Threat get to review something actually shot on film. And in the case of everyday TODAY, we’re talking Super 8mm Black-and-White and… oh, the memories…

everyday TODAY concerns itself with the daily cubicle grind of a young woman. Everyday is lather-rinse-repeat, and as the film goes along, the routine starts to take its toll on our heroine. Only through a determined choice of life defiance can she break the loop and find that moment of all-powerful NOW.

This short film is full of the type of gritty, not always in-focus images Super 8mm so casually gives, and layered with the cityscapes and modernity that always seems to embrace said grit the best. Occasionally images are tweaked with a fish-eye lens or other in-or-on camera effect, but for the most part it’s the grind of the imagery with the mix of the audio that sells the short the best.

While I do feel it took things a little slow, even at 11 minutes, it was still nice to see something that nostalgically reminded me of the type of short film fare we used to see either out of underground artists or film schools. Of course, to that end, it almost plays into the stereotypical film student model so consistently mocked when folks think of art films, but since those are the rarity as opposed to the norm now, it acquits itself nicely in today’s climate. A throwback, but not a bad one.

This film was submitted for review through our Submission for Review system. If you have a film you’d like us to see, and we aren’t already looking into it on our own, you too can utilize this service.

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