By Admin | June 1, 2000

Jack Howard (Lonnie Reeves) is a used car salesman, who, in his own words, “can’t sell a car to save his life.” After Jack chokes on a hot dog, Death (Mark Edwards) decides to take advantage of Jack’s weakness and challenge him to a final duel a la Bergman’s “Seventh Seal.” Jack figures he has one last chance left to win his life back. He must venture into the unknown and do the impossible. He must sell one last car to Death itself in order to regain his life. Jack wants to appease Death by trying to give a “killer” deal (this film inspires bad puns, so don’t blame me). Jack moves from bad car to worse in an attempt to find the perfect car for Death. Eventually Death does himself in by….
The laughs are few and far between. Lonnie Reeves, as the used car dealer, does what he can with the material and Death is unconvincing as a comedic or an eerie presence.

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