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By Felix Vasquez Jr. | January 7, 2008

Was it a terrorist attack? An Attack from Tido? More shoddy construction from Tagruato who are attempting to silence the dissent, or something more?

These videos became available on sites like Cloverfield News and What is Cloverfield today that reveals footage of the collapse at the Chaui Drilling Station along with the workers mysteriously firing their guns into the water.

What brought this collapse? Why is this happening as 1-18-08 nears?

Below is the English video.


Below you’ll find the videos as well as the translations.



This is an amazing story. Three short and highly dramatic scenes have just been disclosed, which seem to be showing the total loss of a rig in the middle of the ocean. The rig seems to be Chouai Station, which lies in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean and sank a few days ago, even though there’s been no official confirmation of the incident.

This is the video, shot from a helicopter which is either approaching or leaving the rig:


This rig harbors over 300 workers and scientists. The video seems to show it breaking apart and sinking in a matter of minutes, even though this kind of modern
rigs are designed to keep afloat under the worse circumstances up to 24 hours.

It’s something absolutely extraordinary. Experts are studying this footage and trying to determine the causes of this tragedy. Some sources even suggest the
rig may have suffered some kind of attack.

Tagruato, the Japanese company that runs the rig was forced to appear publicly and make a hasty statement when the footage was disclosed.

Their spokesperson said it has been confirmed that the Tidowave eco group was in the area when the incident took place and he maintains that the group has
infiltrated Tagruato operations in the past causing damage. This footage, shot with a mobile phone on the rig seem to confirm this possibility:


Whatever the cause, the violence of this event was registered by the Seismological Institute in Ribadeo (real town on the north-western coast of Spain). The scientists at the institute doubt this kind of effect can be the result of a human-made explosion.

The incredible speed, the scale of the event, and the sheer drama of this incident are clearly shown by this last piece of footage, apparently shot by some crew members of the rig while trying to escape.


These are truly shocking images. We have no news about the fate of these people and the person who was behind the camera. We can only hope they could somehow survive. It seems”¦


And also, the banner on the bottom of the screen reads “”A loss of jobs because of the construction’s (loss) is foreseen”.


“”””Environmental disaster in the Atlantic ocean.”

The Chuai station, the petrol platform of the Japan’s technological colossus Tagruato, would be exploded on December 27th in a mysterious way.

Only today, after a week, there are some info/news about the fact, even if the whole thing remains behind a curtain of mystery.

The images which are you watching, have been made during the disaster and the causes of the accident remains unknown.

The Tagruato, in a official note gave to the Japanese media, talks about an accident happened to a company’s platform and point the finger against the eco-terrorist group TIDO, that in the past would have already made some damages on the platform.

But a curtain of mystery seems to cover the event: some international media are showing images made probably with a cell-phone by a Tagruato worker.
You can see men with white and red clothes which are running away from something that we can’t understand what it is.

From some American sources, it seems that at the moment of the disaster , the seismographers of the East-coast have recorded big and strange signals.
This confirms that something unknown could be the cause of the disaster.

On the Tagruato press note we can also read that the workers of the platform are all saved and alive.

This is only the last bad thing that happened to this Tagruato’s platform: in fact the platform have been alway the target of various eco-groups.

Now, the work to understand what caused the end of the platform, will be really hard for the detectives.””

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  1. Drew Gutierrez says:

    Ok so in the first 2 postings that were up this morn i didn’t see the English telecast, it’s interesting the point out the “Large Dark Spot” that they attribute to an oil spill…also on the map the location is RIGHT off the coast of new york Where the movie takes place. MAN i’m so ready for this movie i can almost taste it! Even if is Stinks bad the viral marketing that went into it was just Amazing!

  2. Drew88101 says:

    WOW!!, It really seems as though paramount and Abrahms are going all out for this movie. I noticed a something in the spanish new report that stood out that wasn’t in the german news report. They show more footage from the helicopter above the wreckage, you hear the monster roar at least 2 times once from the cell phone camera inside the rig. And once while they are on the life raft. Back to the footage in the Chopper you notice the Asian Gentleman has a briefcase Handcuffed to his arm. NOW i’m going to assume this Helicopter was on the rig and managed to get away safely. But what might this gentleman have had cuffed to his arm? Could be the research of what was going on at that station? Core samples? Also in the Spanish broadcast they made mention to the seismographs stating something BIT was in the area and something unknown COULD have been the cause. 11 MORE DAYS!!!!

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