By Admin | December 24, 2002

Don’t know for sure whether it’s comforting or depressing to realize that such gaudy Hollywood messes as The Matrix don’t quite corner the market on films whose art direction greatly exceeds their storytelling. All it takes is a little reminder like this one, director Jim Hunter’s totally bewildering short film “Epiphany,” to serve as a reminder.
There’s something going on between Jamie (Marcie Seddecki) and Paul (Robert Pralgo), but whether it’s the spark of passion or they dying ember of a missed opportunity beats the heck outta…oh, who am I kidding? I don’t have the faintest clue as to what’s going on in this slick looking short. Some woman wearing a lab coat in a cool room with lots of hearts in pretty boxes punches some buttons on a computer and sends these hearts out into the real world. Is this woman merely a shipping clerk in Cupid’s office, a freelance matchmaker, a physical manifestation of her subconscious thoughts, what?
Dunno. All I know is that this oddball little film plays like an uncomfortable “Twilight Zone” meets “The Red Shoe Diaries”…without the scary stuff or the sex. Which doesn’t leave much else, does it? Except for those impressive, purdy, purdy pictures.

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