Epiphany Sink’s Bob Moricz believes in “the life affirming miracle of giving birth to the magnetically taped manifestations” that “impregnate the mind with sticky white globs of wisdom.” In layman/woman’s terms, Epiphany Sink makes gleefully dark little flicks for pennies, if that, and loves every celluloid minute of it. In the words of Mister Moricz himself:
“Long drawn out suffering just isn’t my thing. I like gratifying myself quickly and as often as possible. As soon as I start shooting a movie I dream about its completion. It’s like it’s already there in my head, but not really in a solid, tangible form. It’s more like a feeling. I try not to think about it too much when I’m shooting. I just shoot it and whatever happens happens and if it’s lame I can fix it in the editing most of the time. If I can’t fix it I’ll shoot some extra footage to beef it up.”
“I don’t concentrate on the details (like continuity, good acting, thoughtful dialogue) so much, just the feeling and for some reason the final cut usually matches up with what’s in my head and I’m more or less happy. That doesn’t always mean it’s good. Sometimes it takes finishing an entire picture to realize it was a stupid idea to begin with. But at least it gets out of you. When you make a big piece of crap, you can surprise people with your next picture. If everything you do is a work of genius, the novelty rubs off.”
Take a peep at www.epiphanysink.com

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