By Ron Wells | June 29, 1998

It must be karmic payback for Elmore Leonard for all the awful adaptations of his work. With “Get Shorty”, “Jackie Brown”, and now, “Out of Sight”, he’s had three in a row and George Clooney has finally made a GOOD movie. Jack Foley (Clooney) kicks off the film by throwing off the tie of his suit and robbing the first bank he sees. Afterwards, his car won’t start and he’s carted off to prison for what would be the last time. Escaping, he and his partner Buddy (Ving Rhames) run into U.S. Marshall Karen Sisco (Jennifer Lopez). She’s thrown into the trunk with Jack until they can switch cars. The two spark and they can’t stop thinking about each other. Through flashbacks, we find out how Jack, who’s robbed over 200 banks, ended up where he is and where he’s going (Detroit, in a scheme concocted by Steve Zahn doing his best Crispin Glover imitation).
Who’s the man to pull this off? Our pal, director Steven Soderbergh. Apparently, “Schizopolis” was just the mental roughage to unblock his talent. Having a pair of good looking stars that have chemistry helps, too. There’s some gratuitous Sam Jackson and Michæl Keaton reprising his role, Ray Nicolette, a*****e Fed, from Jackie Brown.

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