By Merle Bertrand | February 10, 2000

Ritchie (Nathan Lynch) is a troubled young lad… and that doesn’t even take into account the shrinks and scientists examining him from the other side of their one way mirror. He claims to have two families: One in the present day and another in a past life in which he was married to a mysterious woman (Morna Regan); the memory of that prior life flooding back when he sees that same woman on a street. Furthermore, when his mother later takes him to the airport to meet his father, it triggers vivid memories of gunmen, led by his father, breaking into his house in his past life and killing him.
Confused? Me, too, and you should have seen BEFORE I read the press kit! Simply put, it’s virtually impossible to figure out just what, exactly is going on in this confusing film from Belfast filmmaker Brian Drysdale, let alone why. The acting and photography all seem decent enough, but when you’re hopelessly lost, who cares?

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