By Admin | January 22, 2005

The worldwide trend of real hardcore sex popping up in films with real artistic pretensions continues with “Elke’s Visit,” an arty look at a European woman and what she calls her “relationship things.”

As a the voice of young Elke offers vague reminiscences of a past relationship, the audience is offered a jumble of images, some of which include glimpses of steamy hardcore sex with an anonymous man on a train. These may be scenes from “the relationship” to which she refers, or maybe it’s another boinking entirely. Frankly, it’s impossible to care. For all we can see, Elke is just a boring Teutonic bimbo with hairy legs and a clean-shaven vagina, and the film she’s in is too busy with flashy effects to convey any emotion other than horniness.
On the other hand, “Elke’s Visit” was used as the opener for the most recent feature length entry in the art-core sweepstakes, Michael Winterbottom’s “9 Songs,” and the sex is actually a might hotter and more uninhibited than many of the similar hardcore scenes in that film. I wouldn’t necessarily chalk that up to any particular skill or intelligence on filmmaker Morgan Dews’s part, but it counts for something.

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