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By Doug Brunell | June 24, 2005

Writer and director Tamir Mostafa has made a decent looking short
film that examines what happens when a man named Jeremy (Adam Sears) can’t forget his ex-girlfriend Wendy (Sadie Katz). He’s tried dating other women, but Wendy keeps popping into his life like a ghost — literally. Now he’s met Christina (Christine Cowden), a woman he’s grown rather fond of, but Wendy’s memory is threatening to destroy this relationship, too.

The story is not a bad idea, but it’s ruined by actors and dialogue that spoil what could have been a good thing. Cowden delivers her lines with all the skill of a woman who wants to be a big-name actress but doesn’t have the skill, while Sears actually has some skill but is saddled with dialogue that sounds like it came from a cheap romance novel for teens.

There are plenty of words to describe “A Lot To Ask.” Creative, professionally done, and interesting are some of the positive ones.
Stilted, poorly acted and written, and ultimately pointless are some of the negative ones. You can decide which should influence your viewing decision more.

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