By Rory L. Aronsky | February 13, 2004

Any of you out there remember “Trigger Happy TV”, specifically the British one that starred Dom Jolly (who actually did most of the work for the show as opposed to being pushed to the side for the new version on Comedy Central, by Americans who thought they could do it better)? His show featured many laughs, including brief skits on elevators, such as a sumo wrestler flexing himself, and a guy having a full-course Italian dinner, complete with a red-and-white checkered tablecloth and candelabra.

“Elevator Moods” is made up of 13 short films, ranging from little under a minute to over a minute and a quarter, with a mix of actors who make this really come to life. Consider this to be the skits that Dom Jolly probably would have come up with if he had more time. Shown through the view of an elevator security camera, there is much humor to be had. There’s the chess game going on between two elevator passengers who get on and off so that each of them is able to have their turn in privacy. Another has the elevator becoming a submarine through the use of sound effects, while in another; passengers get on and just stare right at the security camera, the lead guy looking like a stand-in for Michael Chiklis on “The Shield”.

Many actors are used again and again to great advantage, while the situations become more amusing as each situation flies by. And let’s not forget the computerized elevator voice that tells a businessman that his tie needs a little more soul! It’s all good fun here.

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