“The Day I Died” is a fleeting and very interesting romance told more in images and scenery than actual dialogue that Keshavarz doesn’t really clog the screen with and relies more on the acting from her young cast to interpret what we should know for us. Three children running around Argentina one day end up discovering something about each other more or less through distant stares to one another. A twin brother and sister playing with their pretty friend discover that they both basically share feelings for her, and she seems to be conflicted as well in her feelings for them. This story could serve as a meaningful tale of friendship and the lack of gender boundaries between children, but problem is Keshavarz is too reliant on heavy symbolism and allegorical scenery rather than narrative or clarification as to what these characters represent in this story. I was torn with “The Day I Died” ultimately, because while Keshavarz’ direction is beautiful and dreamy, the story is much too cryptic for a plot as simple as what’s represented here.

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