Using auctions to sell a novel is nothing new to publishers and agents…but doing it on eBay? That’s right, published author Ronald Farrington Sharp, (Winning the Divorce War, Allworth Press, 1998 and editor of the Dexter Review, a literary journal) is currently offering to sell all rights to his new novel, Hanky-Pank, to the highest bidder via an eBay internet auction. The sale will include all movie and television rights and all print rights including hardcover, paperback, foreign, audio and e-book rights. The novel is 200 + pages and is deliverable as hardcopy or on disk. The opening bid for all rights is set at $20,000.
Sharp, an attorney, gallery owner, and noted figurative sculptor, says he is trying this method as an experiment. He previously went the traditional route of using a literary agent to sell his work. The book is described as mystery/suspense with excellent film potential and has not been previously offered. A more complete description is available on eBay and samplechapters are available to qualified bidders. Sharp has two other books under consideration by traditional print publishers.
Check it out on eBay at [ cgi.ebay.com/aw-cgi/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=391039655

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