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By Admin | January 18, 2004

Jamie Harris (Moreau) is a quintessential “cute movie girl.” She’s young, witty, pretty and fun but can’t find the right guy. Sound familiar? It should because in truth, “Easy” is a typical romantic comedy. However writer/director Jane Weinstock adds such realism to her script and such great characters, you can’t help but like this film even if it does sort of follow a formula.

In order for “Easy” to work as a movie, everyone must love the character of Jamie, and they do. As she falls for one of her former poetry professors, the somewhat smarmy Naveen Andrews, we become protective of her and the tension builds as we wait to see how this one will screw her over.

Never fear because the third side to the romantic triangle arrives in the form of the hysterical Mick (O’Byrne). We know he’ll save the day! But does he? Does he need to? Keep in mind, this film works not only due to the stellar cast (highlighted by Moreau and O’Byrne) but because of it’s realism…and love is never “Easy.” Keeping true to that theme the film plays out in some conventional, as well as really surprising ways.

“Easy” also features an outstanding multi-cultural cast. Moreau is American, O’Byrne is extremely Irish, Andrews is of Indian descent and other characters are African American and British as well as some being Gay and Lesbian. However Weinstock just lets these people be people, not “an African American in love” or “lesbian and single.” They’re just great characters all looking for a connection. It’s another nice touch to a really nice movie.

This film is, well, easy to love. It’s humanity, truthfulness and great characters elevate it above the conventions of the typical “romantic comedy.” But it is funny…and romantic. This film should also serve to catapult the amazing Marguerite Moreau to stardom.

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