By Dennis Przywara | December 6, 2002

“Because every time I sit down and pee, I feel my whole life going out of me.”
Rolls right off the tongue, doesn’t it?
This is an actual piece of dialogue from “Dying Like Ophelia,” a film that proves I have no clue what’s going on within the female mind. To get to the point, this short tells the tale of two women, one sane, and the other on the verge of a nervous breakdown. In this very special episode of “Dying Like Ophelia,” our lead spreads her emotionally drenched life on the table, spinning yarns on the beauty and luxuries of suicide. The drama is so thick that by it’s end you want to drag the two women to a taping of Dr.Phil.
Director Ed Gass-Donnelly must have a secret love for emotionally disturbed women because this is his second short on the tortured female. Shot well but lost in an utter state of misery, Donnelly has the directing chops to get what he needs from his actors, but it’s lost in over dramatic dialogue best suited for beatnik poets and ultra depressive pop artists.
Actress Karyn Dwyer does a good job as the woman on the brink of insanity, though it doesn’t mean we need to witness it so hard that the audience starts to feel the same way. Have a drink, watch an episode of “Friends,” and it will all get better, baby.

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