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By Phil Hall | November 13, 2013

The core problem in making films about writers is that the process of writing is perhaps the least cinematic endeavor imaginable. Really, who wants to see a film about a person putting words on a paper or a computer monitor?

This film tries to broaden the creative conflicts within a writer’s mind by having him engaged in a series of allegedly deep conversations with three entities born in his fervid imagination. Sid! (don’t ask why his name has an exclamation point) is the writer in question, and he finds himself in testy arguments and debates with Ace! (supposedly a young male version of himself) and two babes named Blood! and Sugar!

The film strives to be avant-garde and provocative with a grainy black-and-white cinematography and an absence of scenery that forces the viewer to focus entirely on the actors and their dialogue. Sadly, that’s where the film fails: the dialogue is monotonous to the point of puerility and the acting styles range from blank-slate to slice-the-ham-thick. Perhaps this concept might have worked (or been less irritating) if this was a short, but at 73 minutes the film is an unpleasant endurance test.

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