In Round 1, the competition was gruesome…”Drawn and Quartered” beat out “Lethal Injection” to make it into Round 2, and voters found being “Sawed in Half by a ‘Magician'” much more horrible than an “Encounter with a Hell’s Angel”. And you’d think that “Eating Pop Rocks and Drinking Soda” (result: head explosion) would have made the cut, but nope…looks like there’s a bigger nasty factor involved with “Being Hit by a Flying Marquee”.
So, who dares play such games in the face of Death? DVD.com is hosting a “Road to ‘Final Destination'” promotion wherein voters are voicing off on the worst ways to die. Rounds 1 and 2 have closed up, but you can still cast a cyber-ballot to root on “Head Chopped Off by Dull Butter Knife/Spork,” or cheer on the dark horse “Slip in Shower, Hang Self” all the way to the end. Go to [ the DVD.com website ] to cast your vote, and indulge in the gallows humor.

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