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By Dennis Przywara | November 10, 2003

What more can I say about “Dunsdance” than it’s another one of the many mocumentaries about the pissing and moaning of independent filmmakers and their dream of seeing their hard earned dough of a movie on the silver screen. If you’ve been to Park City and done the typical whoring of movie postcard solicitation, not to mention selling your soul to hit the velvet ropes of the latest Sky Vodka/Miramax party to sell your flick, please pass GO and continue to the next review.
Not that “Dunsdance” is a terrible movie, it’s just we’ve seen pieces of this storyline before. Two different groups of aspiring filmmakers set their sights on Park City, one has all but the last seven minutes of his feature film “Loose Lips” done and is looking for finishing funds, not to mention making a documentary on his filmmaking travels. The other group of rag tag filmmakers are doing a similar doc, but are also obsessed with tracking down Jodie Foster so she can take a peek at their new script. Through this quest they meet up with the typical Sundance freakazoids we’ve seen walking down Main Street on any night; some funny, some strange, but all pathetic to the eyes of big brother Hollywood.
The film has its humorous moments, but they’re sporadic at best. Each character does a good job of attempting their goals, but it takes about forty minutes of random moments and character development to get there. This type of story has been done before and what audience but independent filmmakers (who are less than 1% of the total population in America. Remember, there is a civilization pass the L.A. county border) are interested in this subject matter?
It’s a bitch spending your life savings/credit cards on a film that the world might never get a chance to see. I salute any filmmaker who attempts the impossible of making a movie on his or her own dime. It’s just that making a movie about your adventures is sometimes best left to the personal memoirs.

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