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By Chris Gore | August 23, 1999

Based on the Jay Ward cartoon from the 60s, Brendan Fraser scales his acting down to one-dimension and suits up to play yet another animated hero. While “George of the Jungle” was smart enough to please adults, this time the result is a turd. There’s only one way to really address everything wrong with this film and that is with this handy F.A.Q. Here’s everything you need to know:
Q: Is Dudley Do-Right as good as George of the Jungle? ^ A: Nope. Not by a long shot. This is the cinematic equivalent of excrement. Even the fart jokes are lame. And fart jokes, like salad, are damn hard to screw up. ^
Q: Okay, the women would like to know if Brendan Fraser gets naked at all?
A: No, he does not romp around in a loin cloth for the entire movie, which is what chicks seemed to dig about “George”. The film is set in Canada, so he’s got that mountie uniform on most of the time. Although there is one dance number in which Fraser dresses half naked in Indian garb, but it’s only for two minutes.
Q: C’mon, this is a comedy, there has to be something funny. ^ A: Nope. Brendan gets hit in the face a lot, that’s good for a few laughs but you’ve already seen it in the trailer. ^
Q: Is there anything redeeming about this film? ^ A: Yes, actually. There is a Jay Ward “Fractured Fairytale” cartoon at the beginning that is damn funny and mean. Oh, and one other thing, the total running time, with the cartoon is about 80 minutes. ^

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