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By Chris Gore | February 26, 2007

It’s been called “The Gay Super Bowl” and with all the emphasis on fashion, that’s probably accurate. But actually watching the Oscars must only be for old school film freaks like me, or those who enjoy torture. Yeah, I mean, when they are clapping for performances of “shadow puppets,” we have really lowered the bar for entertainment. Thank God for Tivo – I watched the nearly four hour broadcast in less than two hours.

Okay, based on my Oscar picks from a few weeks ago, I only got 10 of 24 “guesses” correct. That puts me under 50% which is bad and if you used my choices as a guide and lost money in your Oscar pool, well, I am deeply sorry.

Unfortunately, the Oscar show is yet another reminder reminder that those who make the major movies are as out of touch as they have ever been. While movie theaters are in no danger of going away anytime soon, the regular movie-going audience is shrinking. That is a fact. There are too many other viable entertainment choices — internet, gaming and television. To me, television now a more satisfying experience than going to the movies. Television has gone beyond a golden age, it’s like a revolution in entertainment, and the TV business has learned how to harness the internet and sell or give-away programming whereas the film busines is still trying to figure out what the internet is and how to include it as something more than a marketing tool.

Anyway, if suffering through the nearly four hour show wasn’t enough for you, check out this five-minute Loop segment from Attack of the Show which aired the Monday after. Oh, and I slept in that tux…


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  1. Mike says:

    Gay Superbowl? I actually think the Oscars is less gay than the Superbowl because at least there is b*****s in the audience.

    Football? Sweat, balls, shafts (goal posts if you will), tackling and mud – it doesn’t get any more homoerotic than that dude…

    I’m just kidding. I know you kids like the football. If only Ellen could host Monday Night Football.

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