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By Eric Campos | June 21, 2005

As if speed dating wasn’t wild and wacky enough, and a little weird too, “Duck, Duck, Goose!” creates a manic, over-the-top illustration of what can happen when you’ve decided to utilize this fast food dating process.

C.B. takes the blind date plunge and surfaces with Lizzie, a beautiful young woman who’s obsessed with the French language and her dream of some day flying off to Paris. Lizzie is also divorced. Nothing weird there. But she also continues to live with her ex-husband as a kind of “best buds” type of thing. Cue weirdness and cue the squirm inducing uncomfortable situation for C.B. as he picks up Lizzie for their first date only to have this ex-hubby insisting on tagging along. And so the three speed off into this creepy date from hell that leads to many revelations for these characters and plenty of laughs for the audience.

And “Duck, Duck, Goose!” doesn’t skimp on the laughs, either. From moment one, you understand that you’re watching the work of a comedically talented cast and crew. The jokes are rapid fire and always hit their mark, a lot of that success having to do with the cast seemingly having so much fun with the material.

Having a little trouble with your love life? I prescribe a little “Duck, Duck, Goose!” to help pick you up out of the gutter.

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