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By Eric Campos | March 7, 2005

If you’ve ever known anyone in a band, or perhaps if you’ve been in a band yourself, you’ll know that finding a drummer is one of the hardest things about forming a band. The freaks, the flakes, the f*****g headaches – it’s all an uphill battle to the find that perfect person – forget that – at least a tolerable and able person to beat the skins. Brief as it is, “Drummer Wanted” documents that uphill battle and it’s hysterical.

The laughs start immediately as you realize that this will be about a “funk/punk” band.

“Funk/punk” band. Yes, that’s very funny.

Past that, we’re situated with this band in their crappy little rehearsal studio where they try out a few different drummers. From the delusional wanna-be washed up rock star, to the soccer mom with fake boobs who couldn’t even beat her kids properly, to the dwarf who actually kicks some major a*s, almost every color of the weirdo drummer spectrum is covered here (perhaps the only major color missing is the passive aggressive turd) and it’s all presented for your amusement. It’ll make you want to run out and start a band right now.

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