By Eric Campos | March 18, 2005

It’s pretty bad when you have a movie on your hands where nothing works, but it’s even worse when you have an insanely talented cast and even they can’t help make the whole mess bearable. Talent wasted this time around includes, but not limited to, Crispin Glover, Jason Lee and Brad Dourif.

Frank and Eddie (Lee and Glover) are a couple of schleps who find themselves in some deep, boiling s**t when they wind up owing a mean m**********r of a leg breaker, Spider, a bunch of money due to a botched cigarette delivery, so they decide to dig up the body of a deceased rich woman for the necklace she was buried in. In a gross twist of events, Eddie winds up falling in love and then, well, a bunch of horseshit happens. I really had a difficult time paying attention to what was going on in this wannabe edgy comedy. It’s not edgy, it’s anything but funny and there’s nothing really likable or interesting about the characters to make you want to follow their plight. I wish I could say more, but it’s like I disappeared into a vacuum for an hour and a half, feeling confused and just a little abused afterwards.

It’s a damn shame what they done (or didn’t do) with them Lee and Glover boys.

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