By Admin | January 25, 2006

Welcome to “Dreamland,” the perfect name for this trailer park full of dreamers. But when a new kid with plans on making his dreams come true moves into the desolate Arizona area, the Dreamlanders begin facing their fears that have banished them to this desert land.

Eighteen-year-old Audrey lives with her agoraphobic father in this desert trailer park, spending her time caring for her drunken pops and working at a convenience store. She’s a poet, and her work shows that she longs for something else, but she can’t imagine leaving her routine existence out in the middle of nowhere no matter what kind of opportunity presents itself to her. Her best friend is Calista, an ailing young woman who dreams of one day becoming Miss America. The two spend their afternoons loudly dreaming of better, more exciting lives, yet they’re doing nothing to make them become reality. Then, one fateful day, teen Mookie moves into the trailer park with his family and the normal humdrum life of the community finds itself disrupted…in a good way…kinda. Both Audrey and Calista fall for the athletic Mookie who has plans to return to Nevada to pursue his pro-basketball dreams. And, of course, strife is born, but at least something’s happening in the lives of these people who have been dwelling in a living coma.

The entire cast, including Justin Long as Mookie, Agnes Bruckner as Audrey and Kelli Garner as Calista, is amazing. They make this “Dreamland” all the more pleasant to visit. A great effort from first time feature filmmaker Jason Matzer.

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