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By Craig Parish | December 29, 2005

Flashback a few years to a (then) 22 year-old Dan Harris who was offered to write X2: X-Men United after director Bryan Singer read the screenplay for “Imaginary Heroes”. That same year, Harris’ photography was published in the NY fashionista Visionaire and was profiled by Variety as one of the top 10 screenwriters to watch.

It just kept getting bigger and better. Dan Harris and writing partner Michael Dougherty are now busy working on the upcoming “Superman Returns” feature film. The pair also penned the screenplay for Wolfgang Peterson’s “Ender’s Game” plus the screenplay for the “Logan’s Run” remake.

Ironic that a now 26 year old Harris would be hand picked to rework the futuristic fable of a society where turning 30 spells RIP.

We bring you a recent conversation with the exiled Harris -the studio has sequestered him to Australia to write “Superman Returns” in solitude – a tough gig, right?

But first, a brief history.

Before this Pennsylvania native earned his BA from Columbia University (2001), Dan Harris’ short film Urban Chaos Theory won the grand prize at NoDance in Park City and his bizarre short “Killing of Candice Klein” premiered at Sundance.

Shortly before migrating to California, he and long-term writing partner Michael Dougherty sold a horror pitch to Phoenix Pictures…and never looked back.

Get the interview in part two of DAN HARRIS: IMAGINARY HERO>>>

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