In a sting orchestrated by the FBI and the Connecticut Statewide Narcotics Task Force, members of the cast and crew of the indie film “King Midas,” were recently rounded up and arrested. They were locked up on a wide variety of drug and weapons charges, including one actor who was running what prosecutors call “one of the biggest cocaine rings in recent history.”
The film, which premiered at the Woodstock Film Festival last year, is a modern-day fairy tale, in which a cocaine dealer uses his illegal money to produce hip-hop music.
Director/producer Brandon David was clearly shaken by the experience. “I basically went out and made a feature film about a drug dealer with drug dealers, convicts,” said David. “And on August 1, 2001, the homes of at least four actors and producers were busted down by SWAT teams.”
The “King Midas” movie itself was taken as evidence during one of the raids. “And in an affidavit accusing the producer of cocaine conspiracy and racketeering, the detectives allege that drug money was used to produce ‘King Midas,'” director David reveals.
In his own words, Brandon David relates the shocking details of his harrowing experience at the hands of the law…
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