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By Merle Bertrand | February 19, 2000

Ezee (Jannu Alain) treats his girlfriend (Sophie Evans) like dirt and walks out on her. Broke, he tries to bum some dough off a friend and winds up hired as a lookout for that friend’s drug deal, earning twenty bucks for his efforts. Flush from this impromptu employment opportunity, the slimy loser promptly blows it all on a tattoo and makes out with a stranger in the subway station, before calling his girlfriend to patch things up. As if to prove there is such a thing as karma, he’s then assaulted by the dissatisfied group of ruffians to whom his friend sold the drugs and winds up face down on a train platform as his girlfriend rides by. Christophe Duvert’s “Dot Down” takes a long time to get anywhere, exacerbated by the fact that you don’t really have any sympathy for any of the characters. While Ezee is a lazy cheating low-life, his girlfriend is dumb enough to be in love with him. The dingy black and white photography and the seedy urban squalor around them simply add to this downer of a film’s depressing feel.

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