It’s a phenomenon! Mention the name Don Coscarelli to any card-carrying horror geek and you’ll instantly set visions of a creepy old man and his balls to dance through their heads. That Coscarelli is a special kinda guy.

Don Coscarelli is best known for his “Phantasm” film series, where an ice cream man takes on a too tall phantom and his army of killer, flying balls as they set out to rob Earth of its life…and death. If you haven’t been Phantasmed yet, you’re sorely missing out. Coscarelli also gave us the loincloth classic “Beastmaster” and the rarely seen “Kenny & Company.” Forget some damn Charlie Brown Halloween Special; “Kenny & Company” is an absolute must-see during the Halloween season. It’s the closest we’ve gotten to a new Little Rascals since Hal Roach gave birth to Spanky and Buckwheat. And it has a Halloween theme! So, it’s clear to see why the man is respected by horror fans everywhere.

And now The Don has done it again. No doubt you’ve caught wind of the storm blowing across the country called Bubba Ho-tep. It’s the Elvis vs. Mummy instant cult classic, starring Bruce Campbell, that has been screenED to sold out movie houses all across the film festival circuit for the past year, followed by a limited theatrical release thanks to American Cinematheque/Vitagraph Films. And now, MGM has released this instant cult classic to DVD. We caught up with Don to talk with him about the Tall Man and his balls, Kenny and his Company, Elvis and Bubba…and what’s all this talk about “Bubba Sasquatch”?

Get the interview in part two of DON COSCARELLI – MONSTER MAKER>>>

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