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By Chris Gore | December 10, 2001

This film has not yet been reviewed. Check back later for the complete review here on Synopsis: It is a hot and stifling weekend in the suburbs of Vienna somewhere between the autobahn and the exit roads, the hypermarkets and new housing estates. During these dog days of summer*, six interwoven stories unfold, revealing a world of disillusionment and lonely souls. While the days are lazy and melancholic, spent lounging in underpants and bikinis; the nights, steeped in alcohol, sex and songs unleash a fury of violence and raw emotions. With no respite from the oppressive heat, tension builds and tempers rise to an atmosphere of seething aggression. This is life at its most vulnerable and intimate.

Ulrich Seidl, director of award-winning documentary films like “Models” and “Animal Love”, continues his narrative style, but here for the first time in a feature film.

* Dog days/Canicula is a term that refers to the hottest time of the summer, July 24 – August 23. The name comes from Canicula/Orion’s dog, which is the constellation most present in the sky at this time.

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