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By Film Threat Staff | February 14, 2005

The 2005 Big Sky Documentary Film Festival brings documentary films to Montana, February 17-23.
Nearly six hundred films were submitted for consideration, revealing a range of styles and topics. With a wealth of remarkable documentary films, this year’s festival runs an entire week at the grand historic Wilma Theater. The program encompasses distinctive non-fiction works from more than fifteen countries. A new retrospective series showcases over 40 years of work by Maysles Films of New York and Kartemquin Films of Chicago; two of America’s finest and longest running independent production houses.
“We have a truly incredible line-up of films to present to our Missoula audience this year. Submissions were up to almost 600 and the high quality of entries made it a very challenging task to narrow the field to the 70 plus films we’ll present in February,” said Festival Programmer, Doug Hawes-Davis. “We’re also pleased to be showing these films on Montana’s largest screen with excellent sound and image quality. Given the fantastic nature of the venue, the range of styles and subject matter of the films, and filmmakers that will be attending to represent their work, we are really looking forward to this year’s event.”
The festival will also program program contemporary and classic films that offer a breadth of topics, expression and perspective. Toni Matlock, Festival Director adds, “It’s exciting to present films from the 1960s and 70s that are as fresh and thought-provoking today as they were at the time of their release. Viewing these older films back to back with brand new work provides an avenue for viewers to consider how the genre has evolved, but also to recognize the timeless nature of documentary film in a historic context.”

A Hard Straight, 2004, 74 minutes
About Baghdad, 2004, 90 minutes
Body Song, 2003, 78 minutes
Citizen King, 2004, 110 minutes
Code 33, 2005, 80 minutes
Dance of Sisyphus, 2003, 71 minutes
Hijacking Catastrophe, 2004, 76 minutes
Homeland: Four Portraits of Native Action, 2005, 87 minutes
Kinsey, 2004, 80 minutes
La Sierra, 2004, 95 minutes
Last Man Standing, 2004, 89 minutes
Mardi Gras: Made in China, 2004, 66 minutes
Monster Road, 2004, 80 minutes
Negroes with Guns: Rob Williams and Black Power, 2003, 67 minutes
Invisible, 2004, 89 minutes
Peaceable Kingdom, 2004, 70 minutes
Rebel Without Applause, 83 minutes, 2004
Saints and Sinners, 2004, 71 minutes
Stan Kann: The Happiest Man in the World, 2004, 60 minutes
The Fight, 2004, 89 minutes
The Green Bus v. the White House, 75 minutes 2004
With All Deliberate Speed, 111 minutes, 2004

Bedroom Radio, 2004, 41 minutes
Beyond Mountains of Darkness, 2004, 50 minutes
Buried in the Backyard, 2004, 30 minutes
Dominance & Terror: A Discussion with Noam Chomsky, 2004, 15 minutes
Hardwood, 2004, 28 minutes
Herders’ Calling, 2004, 24 minutes
Managing the Herd, 2004, 10 minutes
Mighty Times: The Children’s March, 2004, 40 minutes
My Father Lives in Venezuela, 25 minutes, 2003
Naomi and Her Mother, 25 minutes, 2003
Other People’s Pictures, 2004, 53 minutes
Paul Soldner: Playing with Fire, 2004, 59 minutes
Rod Crawford: Spiderman, 2004, 6 minutes
Seoul Train, 2004, 54 minutes
Sin Embargo: Never the Less, 2003, 49 minutes
Sing Until They Slaughter You, 2004, 32 minutes
Sixty Spins Around the Sun, 59 minutes, 2004
Something Between Her Hands, 17 minutes, 2004
Song of Roosevelt Avenue, 2004, 22 minutes
Street Denizens, 2004, 15 minutes
The Mantelpiece, 2004, 27 minutes
The Old Man and Hemingway, 2004, 8 minutes

Devil’s Teeth, 2004, 10 minutes
Joey, 2004, 15 minutes
Los Angeles Plays Itself, 2004, 169 minutes
Monumental: David Brower’s Fight For Wild America, 2004, 78 minutes
Nome Road System, 2004, 26 minutes
Oil and Water, 2004, 26 minutes
Oil on Ice, 2004, 57 minutes
Ridin’ & Rhymin’, 2004, 58 minutes

Christo in Paris, 1990, 58 minutes
Gimme Shelter, 1970, 90 minutes
Primary, 1960, 53 minutes
Salesman, 1968, 90 minutes
With Love from Truman, 1966, 30 minutes

Golub: Late Works are the Catastrophes, 2004, 80 minutes
Hoop Dreams, 1994, 176 minutes
Now We Live on Clifton, 1974, 26 minutes
Refrigerator Mothers, 2002, 54 minutes

Bukowski: Born Into This, 2003, 113 minutes
Dancin’ Outlaw, 1992, 29 minutes
Decline of Western Civilization (Part 1), 1980, 101 minutes
Entertaining Vietnam, 53 minutes, 2003
Highway Amazon, 2003, 12 minutes
Lets Get Frank, 2003, 75 minutes
Life in a Basket, 2003, 33 minutes
Omnis, 2003, 9 minutes
Playing House, 2003, 75 minutes
Stealing Altitude, 1990, 10 minutes
The Legacy of Rosina Lhevine, 65 minutes, 2004
The Same River Twice, 2003, 78 minutes
This Black Soil, 2000, 58 minutes

For more info, visit the Big Sky Documentary Film Festival website.

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