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By Pete Vonder Haar | January 21, 2006

I overheard somebody say there are something like 120 documentaries showing at this year’s Sundance Film Festival, and since I’m too lazy to actually look it up someplace, I’ll go ahead and present it here as fact.

And I think I’m seeing half of them.

Rolled into Park City yesterday, endured a shuttle ride from SLC with a guy who must have been enjoying his first day on the job. Mike and I were in the van for almost 2 hours, meaning we had somewhat less time to decompress before hitting the first screening of the day.

Last night: Black Gold – about the plight of Ethiopian coffee growers, Wrestling with Angels – about playwright Tony Kushner, and Clearcut – about the town in Oregon that, until recently, provided college scholarships to all graduating high school students. All of which reminded me how much I should be hating my country.

The fun one, if you want to call it that, will be the four-hour documentary about young Africa-American cancer patients today. Good thing there’s a bar next door.

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