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By Mark Bell | January 26, 2006

On Tuesday, I was treated to a private screening of Paul Rachman and Steve Blush’s American Hardcore, a doc which chronicles the hardcore punk scene in America from about 1980-1986. Also in attendence at the screening were the members of D.O.A. and the Circle Jerks (if you don’t know, stop reading). Since they are two of the bands that are profiled in the film, it was interesting to see how they took the screening. All in all, they seemed pleased.
The following night, the American Hardcore gang threw a party at the Star Bar (formerly Plan B) and performing were my friend Eddie Daniels’s band Maxitit, D.O.A. and, of course, the Circle Jerks. It was way f*****g awesome! Here’s a few pics:

Showing off the temporary American Hardcore tattoo that, despite showering this morning and scrubbing it, is appearing to not be so temporary.

Eddie Daniels destroys with her band Maxitit.

D.O.A. doing what they do best.

Did somebody say mosh pit?

Bllack Flag / Circle Jerks Keith Morris, director Paul Rachman and writer Steven Blush introducing the Circle Jerks set.

Circle Jerks ripping it up. Check out the long-a*s set list on the side of the stage.

The elevation would’ve killed a lesser man, but Morris survived…

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  1. Thanks Mark! You ROCK!!! What a Great F’N Night! We had a blast!*!#@$%!#**!! & hangin’ with DOA & the Jerks, what GREAT guys!!! We were so blasted we left a whole box of Maxitit merch behind!!! :0 Thank GAWD for Paul Rachman & Steven Blush, they had our backs & got it back to us the next day!
    Great Rockin’ out with you in Park City DEWD!!! 🙂
    Ms.Eddie D.

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