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By Admin | September 4, 2008

In “Gamers,” a student production created as part of the 2008 Connecticut Film Industry Training Program at Quinnipiac University, an overbearing video game fanatic who dares a studious classmate to a marathon tournament of “War Machines.”

“This a real quality game – it’s not like Pac Man or something!” exclaims the obnoxious gaming addict as he runs the gamut of provocation against his academically-inclined friend. “You should be gaming with me!” he whimpers. That doesn’t work – nor does spilling ketchup or trying to get his friend to imagine his girlfriend is hooking up with a dumb jock.

The film’s punchline, of course, is the twist on what the homework-obsessed classmate is really studying. It is a cute fadeout on a fine little film.

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