By admin | January 22, 2006

“Damien” is a dizzying, frenetic attack on the viewer’s senses tackling both our eyes, ears, and basic attention span with a story that really does attempt to explore and delve in to sexual promiscuity and how sex can become boring for some people, so they seek out dangerous new ways to do it, as we see in this distracting short film. Also, while exploring how different sexual preferences can merge in to one fluid path if we choose to have it that way. Our character Damien has no sexual boundaries, he has sex with women, men, and transsexuals, all of whom he relishes in rolling in the hay with and doing nasty things to, and then suddenly pictures of his sex life begin appearing in galleries. “Dirty Glitter 1” is apparently the first of an upcoming series of short films exploring this world director Aaron Kantor sets before us, but I’d love to see an actual narrative instead of the rapid fire narration and bland performances, as well as the skittish animation which comes off feeling like a sort of “Sin City” homage than anything else. While the direction is stylish, the film pulls us in to all sorts of directions and we can never focus enough to understand what’s happening during the incoherent story.

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