What has the crowd reaction been like on the streets of Park City in regards to your mobile festival?
They love it, it’s free, no lines, good, fun content, G rated (mostly) and very accessible. People are first kind of blown away…they point a lot then when they get closer, they want to know how it works, so I explain it and sometimes I actually bring people into the truck, through the cab to show them the super secret stuff.

Other than ROADance, what is your favorite film festival in Park City during the month of January?
I actually really enjoy SUNDANCE. I think the films are very well made and represent a cross section of filmmakers, budgets and genres, although the price is steep and I still can’t figure out why so many of the same filmmakers make it in year after year.

What’s it like dealing with the responsibilities of putting on a festival?
For me it is just nothing but fun. I make it really easy for the filmmakers – if you want in, just send me your film , gimme a little money to help pay for the theatre and you are in. I do not discriminate; all films are accepted! Since I have so many hours to screen films and I really want the films to be under ten minutes, there are literally 480 ten minute movies that I can show. If I have more than 480 ten minute films submitted, then I will just add a truck and keep going until everything is shown. It’s just all about planning, and that is something I enjoy doing.

Is there more room for other Dance film festivals in Park City?
Sure, lots and lots, there should be a festival in every house, shop, garage, restaurant – it is the premiere spot for indie films in America every year. I say open it up and let everyone in…just come on a bus and bring a sleeping bag, cause it ain’t cheap!

Would you like ROADance to go on tour at some point?
Absolutely, as I mentioned before, I have a 10 plus year history of showing films in a touring environment. I also did not mention that I used to manage the rock band “The Busboys”, most famous for their stint in “48 Hrs.” with Eddie Murphy and also in Eddie Murphy’s HBO special “Delirious”. We would do over 200 shows in a year when I was with the band, so being on the road is fun for me. I am right at home on the road.

What’s your favorite Robert Redford film?
“The Natural,” because the story reminds me of my brother in law who looks like Redford and who also was a natural baseball player. He was the first freshman to start for Harvard. His son, my nephew, at 15 is the number one rated Jr. golfer in NH, so that film reminds me of them. I like “The Sting” and of course “Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid”…that last scene coming out of the building, guns blazing is inspirational!

Check out what’s happening for 2004 at the ROADance website.

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