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By Chris Gore | May 28, 2000

Three years ago fans of Film Threat were distraught at the news that the print magazine had ceased publication. Since that time, we’ve established ourselves as one of the leading movie web sites, while Film Threat’s subscribers held out hope that the original magazine would one day return. That’s unlikely to happen, but something even more exciting is now just around the corner”¦

TOTAL MOVIE is a new generation of movie magazine for a new generation of movie-goers. (Get an exclusive look at the prototype cover on this page.) It’s aimed at today’s hip, young movie audiences. It’s irreverent, witty and laugh-out-loud funny. It’s written by hard-core movie geeks (myself included). Whether it’s a $200m studio summer event flick or an underground indie movie, we’ll cover it – just so long as it kicks a*s.

TOTAL MOVIE hits newsstands in September, and it’s going to go beyond what Film Threat could ever do. Yours truly is on board as the magazine’s Editor-at-Large, and you’ll be able to read my rants in a regular column called “The Gorey Details.” (Just so you know, TOTAL MOVIE comes from Imagine Media, publisher of Business 2.0, PC Gamer, PlayStation Magazine, Official Sega Dreamcast Magazine, MacAddict, and many more. And it’s published by Steve Aaron, former publisher of Premiere.)

TOTAL MOVIE is the magazine I’ve been waiting to see for years. It’s the one I want to read. And its place on the newsstands will more than fill the void left by Film Threat’s absence.

[ THE ONLY MAGAZINE IN THE WORLD TO COME WITH A FREE DVD ] ^ Yes, you read that right. A free DVD! Every issue of TOTAL MOVIE will come packaged with a real, live DVD disc that will feature movie trailers, original short films, behind-the-scenes material and deleted scenes and bonus footage from the latest releases. I’ve seen some of the stuff these guys have lined up for the first disc, and it’s looking awesome.

[ MEET TOTAL MOVIE EDITOR GARY WHITTA ] ^ I first met Gary Whitta about six years ago and I desperately wanted to hire him. He’s an incredibly talented writer and editor and upon meeting there was an instant connection. We just couldn’t stop talking about movies. Ones we hated, ones we loved. The deal never worked out, but I never forgot his enthusiasm for film. Imagine my surprise when six years later he calls me up out of the blue and tells me about this new magazine he’s heading up!

Here’s one of those lame quotes you might read in a press release about the launch of a new magazine. The difference here is that I actually heard Gary say this!

“I’m thrilled to bits that my old buddy Gore is working with us on TOTAL MOVIE,” says Gary. “I’ve always been a huge fan of Film Threat, and I think this new magazine is going to do its legacy proud. With Chris on board, we’re going to kick a serious amount of booty.”

For those publicists out there reading this, you’ll want to add Gary to your contact list right away. Here’s his contact info: ^ Gary Whitta ^ Editor-in-Chief ^ TOTAL MOVIE ^ 12121 Wilshire Blvd ^ Suite 1111 ^ Los Angeles, CA 90025 ^ Tel: 310-481-6161 ^ Fax: 310-481-6130 ^ E-mail:

[ EXCITING NEWS FOR FILM THREAT SUBSCRIBERS ] ^ Even though it’s been three years, I have never forgotten my obligation to Film Threat’s readers. Either I needed to bring Film Threat back, or find an equitable trade for your subscription. Other movie magazines have sprung up on newsstands, but nothing has really come along that could replace Film Threat’s irreverent take on movies ““ until now. So we’ve worked out a deal which means all of Film Threat’s old subscribers will get the first issue of TOTAL MOVIE and its DVD for FREE, along with a special offer to subscribe to the magazine at a discount rate. I think you’ll see from the first issue that TOTAL MOVIE is going to be more than a worthy successor to Film Threat. (And that free DVD ain’t gonna hurt either.)

Now, it’s been three years. And I know that some of you may have moved. If you have changed your address, or would like to confirm your address, drop us an e-mail at with “FT-TOTAL MOVIE SUB” in the subject line. We’ll confirm that you are on the list. And I can’t wait for you to see the first issue.

Finally then, the movie magazine that Film Threat fans have been waiting for. Trust me, it will have been worth the wait, and then some.

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