By Admin | October 24, 2011

Didi Godale (Bevan Leisner) is “just a girl with a brain tumor.”  With a week left to live, she decides that a camping trip with her parents, Roland (Forrest Leisner) and Renee (Domine Warren), and her drunken Aunt Tabitha (Mary Francis) is the only way to spend her last days.  They load up the car and make their way into the forest where tensions get high the first minute they arrive.  And while they’re both grieving over their dying daughter, each parent deals with it differently. 

In short, Renee comes off as borderline abusive towards poor Roland.  He can’t carry the supplies correctly. He can’t set up the tent.  He cries… often.  And once foul-mouthed Tabitha shows up stinking of alcohol so badly that you can smell her through your computer monitor, it’s clear that this may not have been the peaceful last family trip that Didi was hoping for.  But she takes it in stride and uses her final time to relax, take in nature, and watch her family’s chaos.

Didi’s Last Wish is a strong attempt at no-budget comedy.  If you can get past the grainy video, natural lighting, and subpar sound work, then there’s some madcap absurdity waiting for you.  The randomness ranges from ill-timed farts and illegal body disposal to white rappers named Q-Bonze and Antwon singing songs called “Playwichaself” and “Bitch Please.” 

If that doesn’t sell you on Didi’s Last Wish, then maybe the fact that the movie is surprisingly sweet will.  As dysfunctional as the Godales are, they’re loving, caring people.  They have interesting ways of conveying those traits but it doesn’t take away from the heart of the film.  Each character grows on you as the film progresses.  Didi gets some seemingly strange monologues (the best taking place in an outhouse) and Aunt Tabitha has the most quotable lines (“Punctuation mark!”).  The cast cracks up more often than Jimmy Fallon and the movie looks like it was really fun to make.  If the comedy style fits your tastes, then you’ll probably really enjoy Didi’s Last Wish.

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