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By Rory L. Aronsky | February 10, 2005

Typically, there are two responses to a ticking bomb. Try to defuse it or run like hell. The brilliant and crazy minds at Par-T-Com Productions wouldn’t have it either way, opting for……a musical! A musical between Americans and Russians, spurred on when a clumsy bombmaker cannot find the remote control for the device after it accidentally activated. The bombmaker berates himself for his clumsiness, a gruff Russian blames the American, and “Johnboy” (John Atzberger) sings about peace. Utilizing their standard creative opening credits which spin around in the bomb, the barest of locations, and the best of lighting, these people not only know exactly what they are doing, but know how to get people to watch. “Detonate” demonstrates how independent film is made great when the right people are at work and this ensemble contains those people.

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