By Brian Bertoldo | November 15, 1999

A deception indeed, a woman (Julie Arebalo) appears to be the victim of a rapist in her own home. As she is told by the intruder (Marcus Mauldin) to describe her rape when she was 16, the situation takes a disturbing turn as he pulls out a knife. As the two struggle on the floor, her husband (Brad Osborne) comes home. She’s rescued, right? Not really, he merely pauses, apologizes for interrupting and heads for the kitchen. As the two continue, the knife breaks. It’s plastic and as it turns out, the whole scenario was as fake as the knife. It was all a mere acting rehearsal.
An impressive experiment for a short film, this deception turns swiftly from a situation apparently disturbing and vile to a sigh of relief and a slight chuckle.

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