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By Admin | September 28, 2006

A movie of surprising depth and clarity lurks beneath a packaging of blood and titties with the double feature, “Filthy McNastiest”.

So what we have here plotwise is double the Seaverian twistedness, with our double feature. “Filthy McNastier” brings back Phil the Demon for an encore performance from “Filthy McNasty”, granting the wish of a lonely young lady lacking in certain endowments. That’s right, folks, these particular tracts of land wouldn’t fit a cardboard box house let alone match the kind of real estate her friends are toting–so she’s looking for an upgrade. Her extreme makeover won’t, naturally, turn out the way she’s expecting.

“Filthy McNastiest”, meanwhile, turns the tables–allowing a female demon with the unlikely name of “D’Artagnan”, who’s making a lightly endowed man an offer he can’t refuse. Okay, let’s admit it…no one in this guy’s position would be able to turn it down lightly. But naturally, not one part of this will go as planned.

And it will be everything you expect from Chris Seaver and company. We get fart jokes, unlikely sound effects, dick jokes, extremely familiar sets, wounds made of Play-Doh, homoeroticism, recurring characters, and of course, comedy out the a*s.

Oh, and don’t forget the blood. Oh yes…there will be…extensive use of gore-based special effects.

Plus a superabundance of “What the HELL?” moments. A whole lot more than I dare catalog in timestamps. Let’s just say that I spent a whole lot of time laughing and pointing at my television. From a chick who thought she was in an anime to a really, really unlikely bout of oral sex, those moments that make you laugh and boggle at your television will fly at you thick and furious.

Even better, as it turns out, “Filthy McNastiest” is almost a mirror version of “Filthy McNastier”, only with the genders of all the characters reversed. Which is actually a really interesting concept. Seaver and company have managed to write and film the same movie but from two different angles.

I can’t believe I just wrote that…but damn…this is actually a whole lot deeper than most people are prepared to give it credit for.

The special features include cast and crew commentary, an introduction from Chris Seaver, a commercial for a Teen Ape Love Doll (thankfully not a real product, but the commercial is just a laugh riot)and trailers for “Mulva: Zombie A*s Kicker!” “Mulva 2: Kill Teen Ape!”, “Quest for the Egg Salad”, “The Feral Man”, “Ghoul School”, “The Bonesetter”, “Demon Summer”, “Midnight Skater”, “Splatter Rampage Wrestling” and of course, “Filthy McNasty”, “Filthy McNastier”, and “Filthy McNastiest”.

All in all, I’m genuinely surprised by Seaver and company’s venture. They’ve done something really unusual here, and this originality makes it noteworthy.

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